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What is Southern Seafood book about?

Southern Seafood by Don Tuma is a comprehensive and detailed coffee table book that delves into the rich and diverse world of seafood found in the southern regions, particularly focusing on the shellfish of Oceania. It's not just a book; it's an extensive culmination of over 60 years of dedicated marine biology research and hands-on fieldwork by Don Tuma, a seasoned marine biologist with a deep passion for the marine life of Australia and the surrounding regions.

Here are the key elements that Southern Seafood encompasses:

Extensive Collection of Marine Life: The book showcases over 400 stunning photographs of approximately 340 species of shellfish found in Oceania. These species include prawns, crabs, rock lobsters, scampi, bugs, mantis shrimps, bivalve and univalve molluscs, squids, cuttlefish, octopuses, urchins, sea cucumbers, jellyfish, yabbies, and river prawns.

Life-Size Photographs: One of the unique aspects of this book is that most species are presented at life-size, providing readers with a true-to-life perspective and a deeper appreciation for each species' intricate details and beauty.

Rich Informational Content: Beyond the visual feast, the book offers valuable insights into handling seafood and includes popular recipes, making it both an educational and practical guide for seafood lovers and culinary enthusiasts.

Dedication and Passion: The book is a testament to Don Tuma's lifelong commitment to studying marine life. His journey began with his arrival in Australia in 1959 and spans several decades of work, including assignments with CSIRO, establishing a prawn farming venture, and engaging in various fisheries management issues across Australia and Oceania.

Cultural and Historical Significance: Southern Seafood is dedicated to the peoples of Oceania, recognising their skills, knowledge, and cultural contributions to shellfish resources. It serves as a historical reminder of the development and significance of these resources in the region.

A Visual and Educational Journey: Through Don Tuma's hobby of photography and his professional work as a marine biologist, the book offers readers a unique opportunity to explore the seafood of Oceania. It's designed to engage seafood consumers, enthusiasts of marine biology, and those interested in the cultural heritage of Oceania.

In summary, Southern Seafood is more than just a book about shellfish; it's a visual and educational journey that spans a lifetime of knowledge and passion for the marine world. It offers readers a unique, in-depth look into the southern seafood trade, the science behind it, and the beauty of the creatures that inhabit these waters.

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